GPS Vehicle Tracker
  • GPS Tracking System ₹3,250

    • Continuous GPS positioning, and GPRS real-time report;
    • Support location enquiry through SMS;
    • ACC anti-theft alarm;
    • External fuel/electricity cut-off relay for remote control of vehicle;
    • Vehicle Positioning and Tracking
    • Real-time polling and sending back GPS positioning information (which contains longitude, latitude, speed and direction) and the vehicle information to the service platform, displaying vehicle's real-time condition of the vehicles.
    • Trace Playback
    • Related information such as the passed trace, speed and time and so on of the vehicles in the past period can be replayed.
    • Historical Data Backup
    • In the data base, vehicle's driving time, trace and speed etc.can be conserved in one day or more. In order to keep the response speed of the data service, the system shall automatically transfer the current database into historical database at regular intervals.

    • Size:57mm x 86mm x 23mm
    • Real-time tracking.
    • Remote oil or circuit by remote control
    • SOS Alarm
    • remote voice monitoring (external microphone)
    • Movement/Speeding/Power failure alarm
    • Geo-fence
    • Remote restart device
    • ACC Anti-theft
    • Compatible with the original anti-theft alarm.
    Mini GPS ₹2,850

    • GPS & LBS dual model
    • Viberation alarm
    • Overspeed alarm
    • GEO-fence
    • Static state drifting within 3M
    • ACC detection
    • Tele-cut off pertol / electricity
    • Remote control engine
    • Battery built-in optional